Dunn and Ellis

Specialist services - Medical


We have considerable experience in acting for the medical profession, dealing with both sole traders and partnerships. Our existing clients include the following;

  • General medical Practitioners
  • Pharmacists
  • Hospital & private practice consultants
  • Employed professionals

General Medical Practitioners require accountants with a specific knowledge of the profession's finances. All our G.P. clients are dealt with by ‘partner only’ contact, where the practice accounts are prepared by one of our partners, thus ensuring the highest standard of service.



Other issues for which we provide advice and have experience include the following;

  • Having a good working knowledge of the National Health Service contract
  • Being fully aware of and able to prepare and submit the annual NHS superannuation scheme
  • Ensuring that all personal expenditure is claimed, thus guaranteeing that no excess income tax is incurred
  • Advising dispensing practices on certain issues ranging from VAT to the expected rate of return
  • Reviewing retirement planning, changes in partnership structure, and its effect on the practice finances
  • VAT and borrowing issues relating to surgery purchase and/or development